Back Pain

I will have to admit that I was a skeptic of acupuncture being able to completely eliminate my back pain.

I had a back surgery in 1983 which involved a fusion taking bone from my hip.   That helped some for a while but I continued to have lower back pain.  I did chiropractic treatments over the next 28 years

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I am Kathy Lansing and I started coming to Elements Acupuncture in October of 2010 due to severe arthritis pain.  At the time I was 53 years old and in so much pain I was using a cane to walk.  My sister had to bring me to my first appointment as I could not step up on a curb

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Lower Back & Hip Pain

I came to Elements Acupuncture in March 2014 because I was suffering from lower back and hip pain. I have had this problem for 35 years.  I have Scoliosis and I was always able to deal with the pain through exercise and chiropractic.  The last couple of years it has continued to get worse.

I work full time and sitting

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In 2012, I was rear-ended by an accelerating car. At first, I thought I just had whiplash, but then was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia nine months later. After receiving strong medicine, I thought I finally had my pain under control, but a few months after taking it I began having the worst flare-up that I had ever experienced. At the

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