Lower Back & Hip Pain

I came to Elements Acupuncture in March 2014 because I was suffering from lower back and hip pain. I have had this problem for 35 years.  I have Scoliosis and I was always able to deal with the pain through exercise and chiropractic.  The last couple of years it has continued to get worse.

I work full time and sitting

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In 2012, I was rear-ended by an accelerating car. At first, I thought I just had whiplash, but then was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia nine months later. After receiving strong medicine, I thought I finally had my pain under control, but a few months after taking it I began having the worst flare-up that I had ever experienced. At the

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I would like to thank Joel Thielen and his staff at Elements Acupuncture for their pleasant service and most of all support that they have given and continue to give me through my treatment for depression.

First off, for those of you who do not understand depression need to take the time to read up on the topic to

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Dear Joel and Staff,

When I look back on this past year on what I needed to give thanks for – well, many things, but the biggest and most important is my health.  After the past year of 9 different doctors and un-godly meds, I was spiraling downhill.  Sick from medication, weight gain and trying to figure out what

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