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Colleen GitterI was suffering from migraine headaches when I started coming to Elements Acupuncture.    The pain was severe in my left temple lasting for 3 days.  The throbbing, intense pain caused fatigue, difficulty sleeping, depression, irritability and hopelessness.  It was difficult for me to work or enjoy any activity.

I tried medications such as Imitrex, Tylenol and aspirin only to discover I am unable to use aspirin anymore due to overuse.  I began to have rebound headaches.  Imitrex has very unpleasant side effects and is a dangerous drug which could possibly cause a stroke.

I began to feel significant improvements after 5 acupuncture treatments.  At this point, I feel 90% better.  I now feel I can live my life as I want to and am able to be more socially involved which I never could as I would always end up with a crippling migraine attack.  I have also had significant improvement in other symptoms like depression and fatigue.  I have also discovered that my fall allergies are very mild.  I have had severe fall allergies since my early twenties.

During acupuncture treatments, I felt peaceful and very comfortable.  The clinic is calming and peaceful and the staff is very professional.  I would recommend acupuncture to anyone with chronic pain because it is far better than taking prescription drugs and enduring the terrible side effects.

Colleen Gitter