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Initial Assessment (First Visit)

The initial health assessment is designed to allow you to meet with the acupuncturist.  We will sit down with you to review the history of your condition and to make a determination as to whether we think acupuncture or our other services, are a viable option for you.  We may then suggest a short series of diagnostic treatments to evaluate your body’s response to acupuncture.

Click Here To Download the Initial Health Evaluation

Exam & First Treatment (Day 1)

The oriental exam is a series of observations, questions, and tests.  We create a customized treatment plan based on your presentation.  This is an individualized diagnosis and treatment plan specific to your needs.  A thermal imaging scan may also be completed if applicable, to help detect areas of inflammation.

We rarely require undressing for exams or acupuncture treatments.  The most commonly used acupuncture points are on the lower legs and arms, so we suggest you wear loose fitting clothes.  The practitioner will need to have accessibility to your elbows and knees while you are lying on a table or sitting in a comfortable chair.  Your practitioner will provide you with a gown or appropriate garment before starting the treatment, if necessary.

The first Treatment is designed to gauge your response to needling.  We are gauging how intact your nervous and circulatory system is.  It’s kind of like your auto mechanic getting under the hood to evaluate the engine in detail.  You’ll be amazed at the painless modern needles!

Second Treatment (Day 2)

We evaluate your responses to the first treatment.  Everyone responds to acupuncture differently and we adjust our technique accordingly.  Often the needled points are completely different.  Acupuncture is a unique therapy that improves blood flow & nerve conduction in the body and by doing so, enhances the function of the body’s vital organ systems.

Report of Findings & Third Treatment (Day 3)

Prior to receiving your third treatment, we will sit down with you and go through your diagnosis based on acupuncture/oriental medicine. We go over a lot of information, so it’s ok to bring a friend or significant other with you. We review your body’s response from the first three sessions and chart out a treatment plan based on your response rate. We are here to help you take charge of your health, moving toward a more vibrant and energetic life.