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Kathy LansingI am Kathy Lansing and I started coming to Elements Acupuncture in October of 2010 due to severe arthritis pain.  At the time I was 53 years old and in so much pain I was using a cane to walk.  My sister had to bring me to my first appointment as I could not step up on a curb without assistance.  My hairdresser had been here for her back pain, had good results and had recommended Elements when she saw how much pain I was in.  At that point, I was willing to try anything as I felt like I was 100 years old.

I had arthritis symptoms for years, but they had gotten progressively worse.  I have also been overweight my whole life but during menopause my weight piled on in addition to the typical menopause issues.  By this time I was obese and in a great deal of pain.  Everything hurt especially in damp, cold weather and the pain prevented me from walking, or any exercise which only increased the weight gain.  By this time I was 100 pounds overweight and in constant pain in addition to anxiety, sleep difficulties, fatigue, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and severe acid reflux.  After the first couple treatments, I felt relief with the arthritis pain, but I would consistently wait too long between treatments until the pain was too much.  I would use ibuprofen and prescription pain meds to help, then return to acupuncture to try to “catch up” again.

About a year ago, Joel told me about his “wellness program” with treatments scheduled consistently every 3 weeks.  I started this last year and I feel such a difference!  I started coming on a regular basis rather than when the pain got the best of me.  The improvement in my pain management allowed me to return to exercise, finally giving me hope in tackling my obesity problem.  I gradually was able to walk 30 minutes and do yoga daily, as well as strength training and aerobic activities.  Starting off slowly, I was able to manage the pain and increase my endurance.  I have lost 85 pounds since last year at this time and my blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose have returned to normal.  I have stopped all pain meds as well as medication for acid reflux.  My sleep has drastically improved giving me so much more energy.  I have also noted a huge “mental boost” from regular acupuncture treatments which keep me on track with my diet and exercise program.  I think of it as
re-booting” the computer every 3 weeks so that I can dump the negativity and am re-energized to continue my healthy eating and exercise.

Joel and his staff are always so welcoming, positive and accommodating.  I drive from a distance for treatments, and they have always been very understanding of weather and scheduling issues.  Everyone is so positive and celebrate my successes with me!  They are the best!

I would whole heartedly recommend acupuncture for many different reasons.  Not only are my pain and anxiety managed, but with regular treatments I feel more grounded and positive and better able to take care of myself and do whatever it takes to continue on my path to wellness.  I want acupuncture to be part of my “WELLNESS PLAN” for the rest of my life.

I have one grandchild with 2 more expected in the next month and this grandma wants to be in tip-top shape