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Dolphin Neurostim – Scar Release Therapy

Scar Release Therapy

Scars are universal and take on many forms from surgical, broken bones, sprained joints, torn muscles, inflammation, any areas that are injured from trauma and emotional scars.

Scars have a negative influence on our bodies and health such as chronic pain, activating stress, injuring the fascia, impeding lymph flow and restricting functional movements.

To counter scars’ negative influence, the Center for Pain & Stress Research has developed the world’s first scar reduction. This is called Scar Release Therapy, a clinically tested solution for reducing the ill-effects scars have on our bodies. The Scar Release Therapy applies DC microcurrent to the scar that increases inter-cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and healing functioning to re-awaken the skin’s ability to self-generate.

Scar Release Therapy is painless, and visible changes in scar appearance can be observed in real time. Once a scar has been fully released there is fascia release & stress reduction, increasing blood circulation and lymph drainage.