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IMG_4428Dear Joel and Staff,

When I look back on this past year on what I needed to give thanks for – well, many things, but the biggest and most important is my health.  After the past year of 9 different doctors and un-godly meds, I was spiraling downhill.  Sick from medication, weight gain and trying to figure out what should I do next.  By February I finally refused any more meds.  I figured I would suffer the pain in my knee and not from all the side effects of the meds.  My dear sister-in-law (she is also a nurse) who I will forever be indebted had told me about her dad coming to you at Elements and was getting good results.

From my very first visit you gave me hope and said “I should be able to help you”.  My husband thought that was the best news he had ever heard.  Through Acupuncture and your knowledge of the human body you have given me my life back – totally without drugs.  I would say I am just about back to 100%.  Well, consider it that from where I started.  I kept saying to the doctors that certain foods seem to really bother me but they did not want to listen to that, but you did. You gave me all the tools I needed along with acupuncture to heal.  To think I could have been on long term Prednisone and Methotrexate (a cancer drug) to fight inflammation in my knee.  That is when I refused.  You told me that Methotrexate actually causes cancer.  Wow! Why would doctors do that?

Through good nutrition, diet, exercise, your remarkable expertise on staying healthy and acupuncture I have battled back.  From the bottom of my heart on this Thanksgiving – my prayer will be thanking you and the good Lord leading me to you.  When you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. You have opened my eyes and ears to listen and you were able to give me this back.

Joel – you are my hero!

Sharon S.