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Health Freedom Expo

My wife, Kristine and I attended the Health Freedom Expo this past weekend.  As always, this is my personal favorite integrative medicine expo of the year.  It was my 4th consecutive year attending the expo.  The expo features over 100 speakers, 150 integrative exhibitors, 5 discussion panels and much more.

If I could forward a complaint, it would be the same year after year; there are too many speaking events going on at the same time.  There are five speakers per hour morning to night, Friday through Sunday.  It’s difficult to choose what talk to attend when you have varied interests as I do.  Of course the talks can be purchased, if you’ve missed one, on the website (available soon).  There are DVD archives of previous years available now and I’ll tell you they are well worth it.  If you have a health channel and you want information on alternatives – this is the place.  The Health Freedom Expo brings in the world’s leading authorities on health and related topics.  I’m going to blog a bit on the talks and docs we attended.  A few of the featured speakers this year were Bill Kurtls, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Joan Borysenko PNP, Patch Adams MD, Dr. Rosent O. Young, George Noory, Sally Fallon Morell, and Jeffrey Smith.  We did a focus on ADD/ADHD and Autism and we have life changing information for parents.  I will post a blog with more information soon.  Also, feel free to call our office at 563-582-7878.

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