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Breakfast with Dr. Robert Scott Bell

If you’ve never heard of the Robert Scott Bell Show, here is your invitation to give it a listen.  The Robert Scott Bell Show is a radio program featured on NaturalNews Radio.  I have listened to him for years and I recently had the opportunity to have breakfast with him at Whole Foods in Chicago.

He is a speaker every year at the Health Freedom Expo.  Dr. Bell is a champion of health freedom after many failed attempts using Western medicine for a chronic health challenge.  You owe it to yourself to hear the other side of the story when it comes to medicine and your health.  What you might hear on his show could be shocking if you’ve never heard this point of view.  Get prepared to get educated… your health depends on it!

We also warmly welcomed Ty Bollinger to join breakfast.  I’ll admit I was not familiar with Ty and his work with cancer research.  He has appeared on national radio shows and hosts his own radio program.  I’ve been told that his book “Cancer: Step Outside the Box” is simply an amazing read and very comprehensive.  Ty lost nearly his entire family to cancer.  Read his story!

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