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Knee Pain

phyllis-smI have passed many doors in my life, some I walked through and others I just walked by. Fortunately the door at Elements, I walked in. Acupuncture with Joel has benefited me in so many ways, allow me to tell you my story.

Waking up in the morning and not hesitating to jump out of bed, (Yes, jumping out of bed! Lord, knows I am a very mature lady and jumping did not come easy) knowing my knees will not hurt me, because now I am pain free. How wonderful is that? It’s absolutely awesome I tell you! Another function I have gained since I walked through the doors at Elements for treatment is having the ability to bend-over. I also had digestive disturbances, so I could not bend over, and pull weeds from my flower beds. It was two years of not being able to take care of my flowers, and now I do. However, the most important of all, is Acupuncture has helped bring back my joy, happiness and peace of mind to where life is good. I even have energy to clown and do pet therapy with Julie, my chocolate lab. I give thanks be to God for I was blessed the day I walked in the door at 1880 Radford Road. As for this mature lady, I feel GREAT!!