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Elements Has Been Life Changing

“Before I came to Elements Acupuncture , I woke up frequently in the night due to headaches. Me headaches would sometimes last all day long and were starting to affect my work, my home and even relationships were starting to suffer.
I came to Elements because I could not get my headaches under control. I tried over the counter, prescription and daily chiropractor visits with no luck. Elements, for me, has been life changing! Joel and his staff are more than welcoming and kind.
I have learned so much from Joel, things I use every single day and things I never would have thought of. The staff at Elements is so knowledgeable and they have truly helped me get back to myself and feel great!
I would, and do , tell people all the time to consider acupuncture for absolutely anything in life. This experience has been life changing and I love to share that with everyone I can. I believe that Joel can help just about anyone looking to improve  their overall health and life in general!”
– Chris R

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