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COVID-19 Recovery

I came to Elements Acupuncture in September, 2020, suffering from complications related to my recovery from COVID-19. At its worst, my problems were excruciating, and included all-over nerve and muscle pain, swelling, shortness of breath, brain fog and cognitive issues, such as difficulty with memory recall. . I was also hopelessly fatigued, depressed & irritable. I felt like my medical doctors were at a loss to help me and did not quite understand the magnitude of my pain, exhaustion and inability to function. I had all kinds of medical exams and tests, and tried chiropractic, but all to no relief. It wasn’t until I started acupuncture that I began to be able to function and feel so much better week after week. Acupuncture saved my health.

– Becky R. 9/12/2020

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