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Back Pain

CleteIt was an unfortunate incident that brought Joel and me together.  After months of unsuccessful therapy to treat a work related back injury, I was offered the opportunity to consult with Joel at Elements Acupuncture as an alternative.  It turned out that the ‘alternative’ was the best medicine yet!

I’ve endured back pain for most of my adult life, treating with pain meds and two corrective back surgeries.  However, this newest back injury accompanied itself with a whole new set of aches and pains, and was the most difficult to deal with.  I was grateful to be offered an opportunity to try an ‘alternative’…acupuncture.

The journey has been amazing.  Joel, through the use of acupuncture and natural pain relief, has taken my life out of the ‘fog’ of pain killers.  I believe I am probably one of the extreme cases Joel has ever had, but with his knowledge and expertise in the art of Chinese medicine, I am confident my pain management goal will be attained.  In fact, I think Joel enjoys the challenge and appreciates the forward progress we make together.

Joel and his kind and compassionate staff are so accommodating.  It is such a breath of fresh air compared to traditional medicine I have become accustomed to.  I highly recommend Elements to anyone and everyone who is, or has been, experiencing pain, discomfort or illness.