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How many treatments will I need?

Unfortunately, some acupuncturists utilize a marketing strategy of promoting long lasting results from acupuncture in just a few treatments. On occasion this does happen, however; on average it could take 4-6 treatments for acute conditions and 8-10 for chronic conditions. Very long standing chronic conditions can take a length of time. About 1-3 months with 10-20 treatments. More degenerative chronic conditions such as Lymes may require deeper forensic investigation of root causes with required treatments over a longer course of time.

We feel honesty is the best policy and would like to inform everyone of the averages based on research and experience. Healing takes time and repetition.Developing treatment plans are essential to the durability of the great results you can expect. Our experience has taught us that shortcuts often result in long delays. Acupuncture is not a magic pill, it is a therapy based in physical medicine and anatomy.

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