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Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

Why does it feel so good to fall asleep on sand or lying on the earth looking up at the stars? According to Martin Zucker (author of Earthing), connecting your physical body to the flow of the earth’s electric energy has been scientifically proven to promote healing and create a deep sense of well-being within us.

Zucker suggests that modern lifestyle has increasingly separated humans from this flow of subtle omnipresent energy of the earth. We wear insulative rubber or plastic-soled shoes that block the flow of energy and walk on concrete or asphalt. Current research has revealed that connecting to earth’s energy creates an uplifting shift in our physiology. It harmonizes and stabilizes the body’s basic biological rhythms, reduces and eliminates pain, knocks down (and even knocks out) chronic inflammation, promotes health, vitality and better sleep.

Summer is the perfect season for walking barefoot. Why not take advantage of good weather, grass and warm sand? Now is the time to take a bare step towards health!

Here is a list of benefits of walking barefoot:

  1. Improve Your Posture
    Poorly developed muscles in the feet can lead to bad posture, which is a major factor in developing back problems. Walking or running barefoot strengthens the muscles in the feet, calves, thighs and hips.
  2. Develop Here-and-Now Awareness
    Quieting the mind chatter can be challenging, unless you are engaged in an activity that requires you to be fully present. It is hard not to pay attention to every step when you’re walking barefoot, you have to be on the look out for sharp rocks and thorns! This helps you focus on the present moment.
  3. It’s a Free Reflexology Session
    There are many reflex points that correlate to every part of your body in your feet. When you walk barefoot, these little pressure points get stimulated naturally with the help of every little bump and rock in the road, which enhance the natural healing process of our bodies.
  4. Increase Sensory Experiences 
    There are distinct differences between walking on sand, grass, wood or asphalt. By wearing shoes all the time, we are missing out on the sensory experiences we can pick up with our feet. The world becomes truly three-dimensional when we can sense more with our feet.
  5. Improve Mental/Emotional Health 
    It is probably not a coincidence that most exercises involving mental concentration are done barefoot such as: martial arts, yoga and tai chi. Walking barefoot and connecting to earth’s energy can help decrease anxiety and depression and increase the levels of those feel good endorphins.
  6. Balance the Body’s Electrical Systems
    Our bodies are made up of about 60 % water, which is great for conducting electricity. Walking barefoot can also help recharge and re-balance our body’s natural internal ‘electrical systems’ as well as promoting an ionic balance within our cells and tissues.
  7. Improve Sleep Patterns
    Our ancestors had an intimate relationship with the earth. They slept close to it; either on plant-based bedding or the ground itself. Homes were made of stone or some other conductive material. Barefooting regularly can give your body an opportunity to calibrate its physiological rhythms with the earth’s, which can help improve sleep.



Ancient Art Of Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient healing art based on massaging certain points on the feet, hands and ears that reflexively stimulate corresponding organs and systems. There are dozens of pressure points on each foot, ear and hand. The points slightly different from right side to left, with the right foot, ear or hand corresponding to the right side of the body and the left foot, ear or hand to the left.

Written records, pictures and artifacts account for the presence of reflexology in ancient Egypt, Japan, India, China and Russia. Until 1917, it was not called “reflexology”. A Russian neurologist and psychiatrist, Vladimir Bekterev, coined the phrase.


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