Medical Thermal Imaging

"Medical Thermal Imaging is the earliest possible detection of nearly all degenerative disease."

If inflammatory diseases are so lethal, how can I proactively identify if I’m at risk?

Detection of inflammation requires a heat sensitive device.  Inflammation is routinely missed by traditional imaging, which is not designed to be heat sensitive.
Medical Thermal Imaging or Thermography is a proactive, scientifically established and accepted means to measure the quantity and patterns of heat emitting from the human body.  The higher the temperature, the more inflammation.
Is it Safe?
Medical Thermal Imaging is a totally safe, non-radiation, non-contact and low-cost means to measure how well your body is regulating its internal environment.

Areas where Medical Thermal Imaging can identify inflammation:

BACK PROBLEMS  The lower thoracic/lumbar spine and sacrum demonstrate diffuse hyperthermia, which is consistent with joint inflammation and correlates with the reported lower back pain.

IMMUNITY  There is an area of hyperthermia over T2 that is consistent with autonomic dysfunction, with the reported neck and upper back pain.

SINUS   The thermal patterns over the left maxillary, ethmoid and frontal sinuses suggest an inflammatory process, which correlates with the reported headaches, sinus problems and allergies.

CAROTID ARTERY  The region of the left carotid artery shows linear hyperthermia, which raises the question of inflammation possibly related to elevated CRP levels.

Medical Thermal Imaging is diagnostic screening as it pertains to Acupuncture medicine.  It is not intended as a diagnosis or treatment of disease, and must not be regarded as medical diagnosis.